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Extract Download and run the setup. This will install the tool on your computer and will create a shortcut in the Start Menu.

Usage Guide

  • Go to Start Menu and run Total TFS Migration Tool
  • In the Connect tab,
    • connect to source and target projects using “Connect To Source Project” and “Connect To Target Project” buttons.
    • Tick relevant check boxes to not migrate “Removed” or “Closed” work items and click Next.
  • In the Field Copying tab,
    • In order to copy custom fields in source TFS to target TFS, select the relevant work item types and select the fields that need to be copied for each work item type. Press the Copy button to copy the fields.
    • In order to copy workflows to target TFS, select the work item types, for which the work flows need to be copied, and press Copy.
    • Press Next to move to the next tab.
Field Copy.png
  • In the Field Mapping Tab,
    • Select work item type from the drop down menu to populate mismatched field lists;
      • Source : fields which exist in work item type of source TFS but not in target TFS
      • Target : fields which exist in work item type of target TFS but not in source TFS
    • Map the mismatched source fields with target fields using the drop down lists.(Eg: Map the values of source field “Priority” to target field “Backlog Priority” when migrating Task work items)
    • Press Next to move to Start tab.
  • In the Start tab, press Migrate button to start TFS migration.
  • At the end of the migration process, created test plans and Log file can be viewed by clicking “Check Migrated Test Plans” and “Check Log File”. The log file contains details and errors occurred during migration process.

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